About the Brew-Ha-Ha

We join forces with the finest craft breweries in America for a short run with craft beer stations along the way*. The brew-ha-ha includes fun contests, live music, and great food all while benefiting a community-based charity. But wait, your registration also includes:

  • An oh-so stylish and vintage Great American Beer Run T-shirt!
  • A commemorative Great American Beer Run Mug!
  • An additional 12 oz. pour of craft beer...yes, I said CRAFT - not that mass produced swill!
  • And...a night in Brewhalla, your very own Beer Heaven - a craft beer fest with regional and local nectar, music and food vendors!

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* Water will be available and drinking beer is not required to participate.

What Do I Win?

That whole "winning and losing" thing is so yesterday. The Beer Run is more about engaging in the carnival spirit of the event than rewarding the fastest kid on the block. So don't just show up to libate, participate!

  • Finishing Move!

    Awards aren't always about being the first to cross the finish line, show the crowd your BIG Finale!
  • Dynamic Duo

    Batman had Robin.
    Dick had Jane.
    Superman & Lois Lane.
    Watcha got?
  • All Star Cast

    Tell a story, create a show, you and your cronies are on the road. (Available to groups of 3 or more)
  • The All American

    Come as your favorite American Icon - whether it's historical, or modern day icon, this character will shine the brightest, and take the honors.
  • Commie Bastard

    The Un-American Award. The Hulkster had the Iron Sheik. Captain America had Red Skull. Reagan had Gorbachev. Which Un-American are you?
  • Home Town Hero

    The pride of the city has arrived. What does it feel like to be Mayor? The weather lady? The coach? At the Great American Beer Run you can find out. Grab your pointer, your map, just don't forget your running shoes.
  • Falling Stars

    All that glitters is not gold, and some of hollywoods finest have grown tired and old.
  • The Holy Growler

    Show your support for your local watering hole or brewery - best participation gets the coveted Golden Growler!